Season 2 Ep 3 -From Drug Enslavement to a Journey of Healing - Amberly

[embed][/embed]On this episode, we are joined by Amberly- surprisingly the first female guest we’ve ever had on the podcast! As a Reiki master, intern, graduate student, active member of the Recovery community, and a full-time working mother of two wonderful children, she certainly is a jack of all trades and a shining example we can all look up to. She used to work with WAR, and still works hands-on in the recovery field, helping countless addicts and alcoholics as they begin their journeys in sobriety.Her passion and dedication shines through as she shares her amazing story with us from the lows of being hopelessly addicted to meth and multiple relapses to the highs of recovery and taking advantage of what life has to offer.  We hope her story, and the honesty and vulnerability with which she tells it will help and inspire some of you as it has inspired us.