Episode #12 - Learning to Fail

 Author, speaker, and interventionist, Dan Workman,  joins us this week to talk perspective, self belief, and learning to fail. Dan is the Author of the book, 'Black Tar Mormon' and the founder of Quitters Prosper. Check out his blog, keephopingpeople.comDan's Weekly Challenge: 3-a-dayRedefine your goals for the year from the viewpoint of who and where you want to be. Fuel that fire by reaching out and helping 3 people per day. Social media, phone calls, texts, giving someone your time and an ear, etc. By giving your time and efforts to help someone find happiness, you are stating that you have it to give. This will have a big impact on the progress of your personal goals.Connect with Dan:FacebookBlogBookTag @waraddiction on your experienceswww.workoutaddictionrecovery.com@waraddictionhelp@workoutaddictionrecovery.com