Family: The Greatest Spiritual Work

Family: The Greatest Spiritual Workby Dustin HawkinsThe greatest spiritual work that we can participate in is when we spend time with our children, or within our family. God could even feel far away from us, and the call in our mind to escape could be loud, but if we will engulf ourselves into the patient service of our children then we will experience a special kind of peace that can quite our mind and will allow for God to come back into our system.Our children are pure and Christlike, and have not yet experienced the world and its shiny objects. They are submissive and meek, both of which are attributes that we as adults should hope to obtain so that we can become as them in our character while being adults. I’m not proposing that we act childish, but more along the lines of being child like in our innocence and meekness. You see, pride is linked to those worldly shiny objects, and as we get older and participate in them longer, then we lose our humility and now have less of an ability to allow the spiritual into our life.We can learn a lot from children. And though at times they may test our patience and pose the challenge of monotony and slow living: it is then by our willingness to go through the experience of father and motherhood that will teach us how to become as children again, so that we can regain those attributes that have been shined out and lost to our character.We should all have the goal of becoming fathers and mothers so that we can be coaches and teachers to our children. What is the purpose of life? Is it for us to be escaping always, never having any responsibility, and living selfishly in a shiny world of false pleasures? Or is it to walk this life being clear and looking for opportunities to help and serve others? The latter would include the creation of a family, and then being a coach within that family on how to live the abundant happy life; by demonstrating and teaching to them the importance of staying clear of all the worlds shiny temptations that by no means bring any sort of lasting happiness. Furthermore, one would do well in life if they would “love thy God” and “thy neighbor”– two simple enough laws that are so easily overlooked.Everyday, I’m thankful for these kids of mine, and we’re it not for them then I’m sure my motivation to change and become who I am today would’ve never transpired. I love being a coach within my family. I love teaching my children about God and being healthy. I love giving them reproof and hard counsel when it is called for, but then bringing them back into my loving arms for a hugging experience just in the same way as my father in heaven has done for me each time I have made the wrong decision.Therefore, being fathers and mothers is directly linked to God and his spiritual system. The greatest spiritual work that we can embark on in this life is the creation of a family.