The Daily Experience 8/25/15

The WAR assessment. When people now come into WAR they get a proper assessment, which helps us as life coaches to determine the best program for them. Let us know if you are interested in getting an assessment done. ClearA1. 6-8 OHS (bar only) @ 1 min.A2. 16 KB Snatch (55/35--8 ea. arm) 1 min. X 3StrongA. Quickly, build to a tough single in the clean & jerk (not 1 rm)B1. 8 push press @ 20x0 (build) 2 min.B2. 15-20 kipp 2 min. X 3-5Balance3-5 sets @ 85% of:20 sec. sumo dead lift high pulls (95/65)20 sec. burpees20 sec. kbs (70/55)20 sec. tng box jumps (24/20)20 sec. double unders20 sec. wall 6 min. actively working on hand stand walks/rings/skill work.Note: log total reps.