The Daily Experience 4/7/15

Fly FishingI've been fishing the past 2 days and have had a blast. I grew up my whole life fly fishing with my best buddies from my childhood neighborhood. Our backyards were linked together by a fence, and our fathers and grandfathers got us into fly fishing at a young age. As 10 year old kids we used to travel into wyoming and parts of Idaho to explore their beautiful trout rivers and streams. And most importantly, to learn how to be patient and deal with downtime. Oftentimes, on the river, the fishing gets slow and sometimes boring; and you gotta learn to deal with that boredom by seeking to appreciate nature and the beauty of the river by living in the moment of it all. Reading is a common practice along the river, and when the afternoon nap calls your name, then you take it on the bank while letting the river lead you to meditative sleep. Remote ProgramA. Complete:15 minute jog (z1/slow pace--Unbroken--plugged in to music).15 minute walk (plugged in to an audio book)B. Send out a text of gratitude Student ProgramNote: reminder, we are de-loading in the strong this week. We will low bar and FS on Thursday just to stay on those lifts through this week, but this week should be a good fun conditioning testing week. Challenge yourselfA. Complete 21, 15, 9 for time:Dead Lift (225/155)HSPU OR BurpeesB. 15 minute Z1 jog (work on prayer & gratitude) Life Coach ProgramClearA. 5 minute Z1 row (meditative thought. Get ready in your head)B. 5 minutes of mobility work (shoulders, knees, biceps, foam roll, etc)StrongA. power snatch – 1×5@50%, 1×3@60%, 1×3@70%, 2×3@80%B. jerk balance – 1×5@50%, 1×3@60%, 1×3@70%, 2×3@75%C. rdl (1rm clean) – 1×5@50%, 1×3@60%, 1×3@70%, 2×3@80%(outlaw emphasis)BalanceA. Low Bar: 5x3 @ 80% (3RM)Note: post how this goes.