Back to Being Kids

Back to Being Kidsby HawkAs kids, everything was simple. We didn't always feel like everything had to be a better time. When there was downtime, we dealt with it, since we knew of no other way. When the fishing was slow, we hung out in the shade under a tree and waited. We played basketball by ourselves, or we hung out with friends in a backyard eating apple’s from an apple tree, conversing, laughing, and having a great time being simple. When we were kids we were actually more mature than we are now. Our addictions have since made us immature, making it so we can't see the simple nature of life anymore; and our attention span has regressed due to us taking of our mind out of reality all too often.When we were kids we were not yet tainted; therefore, we hadn't allowed too much to enter. Now as young adults and adults, we have allowed too much to enter into our minds, and that too much has proved to be too much, now causing our old childhood ways to be lost, and even forgotten.Go find those old childhood memories by creating experiences for yourself that will help you to relearn that old way of life. Don't be afraid to be unique. You might be surprised as of to what you might find along the way. You might find a way to be young and innocent again, free from your addictive mindset.