The Cycle Is Repeating

The Cycle Is Repeatingby the DragonAnd now you have severe back and leg pain once again, making it easy for me to float the idea of opiate into your mind. You can't get comfortable can you? Your back aches, your left leg throbs, but you won't stop training because you need training to help you stay sober right? You love the high you get from setting a new PR and feeling stronger than most. You love making your vain posts on Instagram and Facebook as you try to get people to follow you in an effort to raise your popularity levels so that you can promote your cause of leading people out of the depths of addiction. But how in the world are you ever going to totally rid your own self from addiction if what you are doing through intense weightlifting is causing you to crave the opiate escape due to you always being uncomfortable and in pain? What a fascinating paradox this forms, and when it's all said and done my hope is that you will give into the belief that opiate will be a necessity in your life in order for you to feel comfortable, safe, and even normal in the world.Also, with all of the new ideas concerning the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is making you lean on the concept that if you smoke weed then it is surely better than taking opiates. Is it better for you to smoke weed than to take opiates? It just may be, however, such a practice is merely a bandaid and will not fix the opiate problem and will more than likely lead you to the constant want to escape through weed in the same way that you constantly want to escape through opiate, ultimately holding you back from making real progress in this life. Remember, I don't like progress, and yes the pot is my second choice for you, but I will take it for now since I know that it will stall you out and will eventually lead you back to opiate.Also, God is constantly trying to get you to experience His spiritual highs of exercise, reading of Him, and of course prayer and obedience to His lifestyle: so when you are off escaping in my world then you experience a disconnect from God that causes you to feel empty, scared, and lost; therefore, you never can feel content or comfortable. When you try and escape your physical and mental pain by way of opiate or weed, then you experience spiritual pain. And when you go on and participate in Gods spiritual lifestyle, then you feel uncomfortable physically and sometimes mentally, which throws the opiate craving back into your mind since his memory tells you that he can help you with both the physical and mental pain.But you do know that opiate and weed are not the answer, and that Gods way is the solution to you finding lasting joy and peace in this life. It's not as if the back pain is completely unbearable, nor are the stresses of life, but for the reason of pain and stress being linked to the memory of past opiate abuse as being the cure, is now causing a constant mental WAR to take place in your mind that poses quite the challenge. Your family, friends, and all people seem to notice when you are in such a mind battle; and when they notice you feel an even stronger desire to feel normal, which feeds your want for opiate even more, since opiate makes you feel warm and normal.What are you going to do?