The Remote Experience

The Most Important Work of the WAR programAgain, make this experience happen exactly in the way that it’s prescribed. This is the spiritual work of the program, and is considered to be the most important work of the WAR program. The gym experience is not enough. We have to be working on our spiritual condition the most if we are to eliminate the holes in our character. Addiction causes holes in our character.Make it happen.Walking & Jogging ExperienceNote: A repeat from last week. If you did not do it, then do it. If you did it, then do it again but in a different location.A. In a unique area (one that allows for nostalgia), walk for 10 minutes being plugged into an audio book. Then jog for 10 minutes now being plugged into inspirational music. Then walk again for 10 minutes now being plugged back into your audio book. Along the way of the walk, work on gratitude and think of someone who could send a text to.B. Send out a thank you / love you text.C. Read for 20-30 minutes (spiritual study / reading)