The Remote Experience

Swimming-HD-Wallpaper1A Quick NoteWe are doing this one again. If you didn't get a chance to do it last week then try to do it this week. If you did it last week, then do it again this week, and be better at it. Jogging, Swimming, & Reading ExperienceA. Jog for 20 minutes / treadmill work (5.0) pace (gratitude / prayer)B. Swim for 20 minutes, in whatever way you know how (low intensity)C. Read for 20 minutes, or walk listening to an audio book for 20 minutes.D. Send out a thank you, or I love you text.Experience Note: Go find a cool pool to swim at. It would be best if there was a pool and a treadmill / indoor track + place to read so that you could do it all in one place. However, be creative, and look to live in the moment of the experience. Also, take a picture and then text me / email me the picture and a short paragraph describing your experience. Make it happen….