Walking & Pondering

Walking & Ponderingby HawkI've been doing a lot of walks lately, and they've been great. I plug in, and either listen to an audio book or beautiful music, or sometimes both (book on the way out, and music on the way back). These walks seem to get my mind off things and afford me the opportunity to escape and work on my spiritual self. I have come to love how the audio books and music lead me to day dreaming about beautiful concepts that are grown out of charity.I love when I act on the promptings to call or text someone I haven't spoken to in a while. Such feelings and emotions can only be from God, since He is the author of charity.On this walk we might stop at our grandparents to say hello and chat, and then on our way home we may get stopped by the car of someone we know and haven't seen in a while, now giving us an opportunity to experience a brief but beautiful conversation.We never know where such experiences might lead us; however, if we stay inside we will stay dark in our head. But if we will get outside and participate in a walking experience we can feel better almost instantaneously, especially if our formula for music is in order. The magic, then, is in the musical playlist, since it can lead our thoughts to a higher plane. We have to do our part to search for those songs that have the ability to lift our mood and spirit as we walk. It is the hope that this music will lead us to day dreaming about positive, beautiful things; and it will if we are carrying a prayer in our heart for the entire walking experience.Pondering is a gift, and walking while listening to a spiritual audio book can help us to ponder on those life principles that matter the most. Our family will pop into our heads, and a greater understanding of their importance will improve within our minds. We might now see the importance of spending our time wisely by not running around and participating in those activities that take away from our family.The slow and patient life is what we are seeking. It is through this way of life that we can find happiness, though it takes courage and diligence on our part. We cannot be spurters, where we try real hard for a few weeks, but then stop doing everything. Being slow, steady, and consistent wins the race, after all, life is a bit of a chipper; where we chip away each day, a little here, a little there, with doing our best and never giving up and before long we will have made a beautiful life for ourselves.Keep chipping