To Mentors & Life Coaches

To Mentors & Life Coachesby HawkKeep living the WAR lifestyle, and all of it. The only way you will be able to teach people how to live it is by you first living it. You must participate in the track work, the remote work, the reading, the strength and conditioning, the circle meetings, the classroom, the nutrition, and much more. In order to become a good mentor / war life coach you have to first live it so that you can teach it. You need to be able to draw upon those experiences of you living the Art of WAR so that you can be persuasive and believable. You'll never be able to run a classroom concept in the way that you'll need to if you are only participating half assed in the WAR lifestyle; and why limit yourself to only being able to teach a portion of the lifestyle.Many know and understand nutrition, as well as components of the gym experience; and that's all great. However, being able to teach the spiritual is where the real coaches rise up. Everyone can feel their way through teaching nutrition and strength and conditioning concepts; but can you teach someone how to find God? Can you persuade someone to read out of the best books? Can you convince someone to go and work on their spiritual selves through doing jogging and track experiences? Can you tell them how to get around cravings by using the WAR lifestyle?If you can't do all of these things and much more then you aren't really on your way to becoming a life coach -- but are nothing more than a personal trainer. I wan't life coaches to rise up -- ones who have the ability to teach all of the WAR lifestyle and not just the portions of it that are easy and comfortable.