The Daily Experience 10/14/14

IMG_3525Please try one of these track experiences before the weather turns. You won't regret it. REMOTE PROGRAMA. Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes perform:15 Air Squats + 7 BurpeesB. Say a prayer while cooling down.C. Practice walking on your hands for 10 minutes STUDENT PROGRAMClearComplete @ 75%:30 Strict Toes2Bar15 High Broad JumpsStrongA. 5 sets of: (build each set)Power Position Snatch + Hang SnatchB. Push Press: 5rm. + 5 (95), 5 (90). + ME Strict Press Set @ 60% of 5RM (last week of 5's, then on to 3's)C. ME Strict Ring Dips (slow); rest 2 minutes X 3NOTE: Post loads + reps + how this goes…Balance4 sets for a total time of (to be done at 100% effort):15 Hang Power Snatch (75/45)15 Pull-Ups15 Calorie Rows15 Burpees over 2 minutesNote: post 4 times, or total time completed with including rest..Spiritual WorkA. Say a prayer while cooling down LIFE COACH PROGRAMClearA. 10 minutes of skill work/mobilityStrongA. Two Position Clean (hang & power position): 5 x 1 — heavy but no missesB. Split Jerk: 5 x 2–heaviest possible.C. 4 sets of:C1) 3 TnG Clean (full squat)…….rest 90 secondsC2) 8 Tempo Ring Dips (3 sec. down, 3 sec. pause in bottom, 3 sec. up, 3 sec. at top)…….rest 2 minutesD. ME TnG Cleans (full) @ 75% of established 3 rm..Note: Post loads/reps + total reps accomplished on D.BalanceA. WAR Loop For Time (3 miles)NOTE: Post time...Spiritual WorkA. Say a prayer while cooling down.