Student & Coach Growth

Student & Coach Growthby HawkIf you want to get good at this sport then you must practice in repetition, which means that you must work on the things that you do not do well, and you must work on them a lot. It is the same in all of life: the one who practices more than most will find success more than most. The one who stays clear, and places a huge emphasis on getting good at lifting weights, will have far the advantage over the one who is in a constant lazy escape.So it goes as well with nutrition: when we fall off back into the land of sugar, but then have the discipline to fight our way back to being locked in, we then learn a great lesson: one that teaches us a thing or two about drug and alcohol relapse. It was hard for us to hop out of candy land, and because of our repeated experiences in doing so, we've created new memories that have given us a confidence that we can hop out of other lands that are posing to be pleasurable but are merely false.Participate, practice, read, and then study. You first have to come in and participate. If you don't show up, then how can you expect to get good. If you are not always reading, then how can you expect to learn more about the spiritual. If you are not doing the track, spiritual, remote, and weekend work, then how can you expect to become a person that can coach someone else on how to live the full WAR lifestyle.If you are a student in WAR now, you are expected to eventually become a coach and a teacher. However, if you have only participated in the strength and conditioning and nutrition component, but have failed to participate in the spiritual component, then how are you going teach the spiritual in the classroom if you are not trying to live it yourself? If this be the case, then in the classroom, you will only be able to present on the simple concepts, and will be pigeon holed in how far you can lead someone to change; you will only be able to teach them a portion of WAR, which isn't enough.