The Power Position

IMG_3480 copyThe Power Positionby hawkA good look at the power position. This is where we need to get the bar before going into the next (second) pull.Look at how his weight is all on the balls of his feet. My guess is that he started on the balls of his feet from the floor, then to heels in the hang, then back to balls in the power. From this power position he is now going to drive his feet straight through the ground while going into the shrug, now causing his heels to rise off the ground, only then to be followed by them (the heels) coming down when pulling himself under the bar in the receiving position.So many are in the poor habit of sticking their butt out when in the power position. If we stick our butt out then this causes us to roll back to our heels, which from our heels we cannot jump, and are far from athletic.My advice would be to work from the power position down when drilling this snatch movement. Start in the power position on the balls of your feet, then roll to heels in the hang with the bar being at the knee -- but slightly out and away from it. Then roll back to balls in the power, and then back to heels in the hang--and do this for a number of reps. Then from there go balls, heals, balls, shrug; and work on this complex with the added shrug.The whole idea is to get you to understand how to connect the bar in the crease of the hip with being in a position of power -- so that you can get the most out of your hips when going into the shrug and pull. Also, when you place yourself in such a powerful athletic position it makes less room for error when going into the pull under the bar due to the efficiency now taking place in the snatch movement.Keep working and observing. Lifting weights is an art form.