The Remote Experience

Part 1–The Driving ExperienceA. Go for a drive: along this drive listen to good music–and at about 10 minutes in to the drive then stop somewhere that is quiet and read for 15 minutes (park, cemetery, etc). Then when that 15 minutes up drive 10 minutes more to another quiet spot and read for 15 minutes. Then do this same exact thing one more time and then proceed to travel into part 2 of the experience (walking/hiking experience)Part 2–The Walking / Hiking ExperienceA. Go for a 30 minute hike / walk (low intensity)–with being plugged in to an audio book.B. On site of hike, sit and be quiet for 15 minutes. Meditate / prayC. Write on your phone about your experience and what you have learned.D. Send out a thank you text to someone..