The Spiritual Mind Frame

The Spiritual Mind Frameby HawkThe spiritual mind frame is one that sees God in everything. It's the mind frame that tells us to not escape back into the world; and that if we do, then we will lose that heightened frame of mind, and will be implanted back down into the regular old world -- the one of which most people reside.Obedience to a set of spiritual laws is what implants the seed of the spiritual into our system. Remaining clear is of a great importance, but so is what we think about, how we treat others, and how we speak.Pornography is a mind drug that can eat the human spirit and soul with a quickness; and there is no way that the spiritual can reside in a mind frame that has been polluted by such videos and images. Therefore, if you are one who is seeking a better attitude and behavior, then it would be wise for you to seek out the spiritual mind frame by making a valiant effort to abstain from more that just drugs and alcohol.This means turning your head when you want to look; this means treating people as you would hope to be treated; this means being a person who does not speak ill of others when their character flaws and faults seem to get in your way and inconvenience you.The disease of addiction is more that just a drugs and alcohol problem; its a character flaw problem. One can dry up and be free from drugs and alcohol for a great amount of time -- but that does not mean that they are still not running rabid with the disease, because they are. If they have not gone to work on the 12 step repentance process then they will remain hindered, hard, and blinded, with leaving no room for the seed of the spiritual to take root within their mind and heart.Turning our complete life over to God, and then asking Him to remove our impulsive thinking and character weaknesses are the first steps in the repentance process. This act alone shows that we are humble, scared, and cannot do it alone anymore: we are powerless on our own against the Dragon and we now know this to be true -- which now the spiritual can take root because we are humble enough to receive be continued.