The Remote Experience

Make This HappenGo find a place such as the one in the picture to go and do a hiking experience. Be creative, and if you have head phones and access to audio books, then plug in and get moving and listening. The gym is important, but going out with just you, some concepts flowing into your mind, and God -- is every bit as important, if not more, than the gym experience. Experiences like this are what make up the spiritual component of the WAR program.If you are not reading each day, and or listening to audio books, then you are not taking advantage of the entire WAR lifestyle; be a searcher, and participate fully in this beautiful lifestyle. The Walking / Hiking ExperienceA. Go for a 30 minute hike / walk (low intensity)–with being plugged in to an audio book.B. On site of hike, sit and be quiet for 15 minutes. Meditate / prayC. Write on your phone about: "The Importance Of Creating Unique Physical Experiences"D. Send out a thank you text to someone