No Other Way

No Other Wayby HawkI know of no other way to make progress in this life than by searching for those spiritual experiences that help me to slow down and pay attention to what matters most. If we don't find these times to capture the moment, then we will not see where and when we might be of assistance in a struggling persons life.The road of life seems to be one that is bumpy and rocky, and if we are not in a constant search for a brighter character, then we will get trapped in the rocks and crevices; and will not be able to grow in the way that we influence people. A brighter character is what we need to seek after the most, and before anything else; which if we do, then our own circle of influence will grow and it will not be hard for us to find success.So we must take time out of our day to read out of the most powerful books, and then we must walk in the light of those books. We must hold true to a moral law or code so that we can find ourselves being clean and clear in mind, body, and spirit: making it so we can feel the spiritual guiding and directing us in our lives.So there is also the importance of not acting like you are too busy to participate in the WAR lifestyle. Such a way of acting hurried and busy will only lead you back down the perpetual road of addiction. If, then, someone asks you what you are up to, then say casually: "not a whole lot"--even if it is true that you are involved in a whole lot. Don't appear to be overwhelmed or busy, but stay poised, temperate, and composed--so that the spiritual stays in you. The spiritual cannot dwell fully in one who is always acting busy and stressed. Therefore, it could be said, then, that if we don't have the spiritual running through our system at all times then our chances of staying clear are slim to none.