Finding Our Patient Selves

Finding Our Patient Selvesby HawkYou must find your patient self if you are to experience the spiritual working in your life. A spiritual person is a patient person, and if you are one who is always finding yourself being upset or impatient, then you are one who is lacking in your character.So we must be patient with our family members and friends, and when someone cuts us off in traffic then we must wave and not get upset. At home, and after a long hard day, we can practice being patient around our families; and when there calls for a time to get upset or lose our cool, then we don't, because we stay poised and patient.When money struggles arise, we carry a special type of faith and patience, where we rely on God's help, with knowing perfectly that he will help us to improve our situaltion as long as we stay clear, obedient, and true to His timetable.And then when we are pushed to our final limit; where the want to escape becomes at it's greatest height--then we choose to endure a little longer because of how our mind frame has been conditioned in to knowing that endurance and patience is what it takes to achieve greatness in this life.The WAR Lifestyle does help us to change, however, it is slow develop in how it changes us. The years of learning our addiction takes time to become unlearned, though it is true that the progressive WAR way of life will change an individual faster than any other way of life will, that is, once it's carefully learned. Learning the Art of WAR takes time, since the arts of strength and conditioning, nutrition, and spirituality are disciplines that are complicated by nature, and take time to develop.For those that are patient and have the discipline to stick with it, then the WAR art form will change them for the better, and will cause them to rise to a new way of life; and their addiction disease will become manageable and far way, making it so their life is manageable, progressive, and even enjoyable.