The Trip...Part 1

The Trip

A Story Told by the Dragon

Part 1

Don't keep worrying about your upcoming camping and fishing trip with your buddies. Fly-fishing used to be a sport that you loved. You grew up fly fishing with your dad, so it truly is an incredible past time hobby that you need to continue to enjoy; however, you haven't seemed to be able to enjoy fishing these past years and you and I both no the reason as of to why.You started taking yourself out of reality while fishing a few years back, where it started with weed, then alcohol, then amphetamine, then opiate, then smoking cigarettes; and now when you try to go fishing again with this new chosen healthy spiritual lifestyle that you have since embarked on, you are no longer able to enjoy the simplicity of fly fishing. What used to be a child hood passion of fishing and living in the moment while enjoying the beauty of scenery, has now diminished, causing fishing to become the ultimate trigger since your memory has developed a worldly concept; or the escape concept; or the escape while fishing concept.It's going to be interesting to see how you do on this trip. I know that you want to believe that you can do this trip clear, but I'm playing a powerful role in the back of your mind. I'm making you very unsure aren't I? You can't stay in your safe routine at home your whole life, and I very much agree with everyone who keeps telling you that you need to go on this fishing trip so that you can be with your friends since you rarely get to hang out with them anymore. Just take everyones advice, and go have a good time, you deserve it. You don't need to fight the WAR on this trip, just let go and progress back down my path. My path is the fun path; my path is the pot path; my path is the alcohol path; my path is the primetime cigarette path; my path is the Adderal path; my path is the Opiate path; and most importantly, my path is the uneasy path, where I want to lift you up quickly, but then drop you in to a non-peaceful state. My hope is that you'll come my way on this trip, and then, re-become, once again, my long lost prisoner.