My Name Is Boredom

main-boredomMy Name Is Boredomby HawkI am downtime. I am apart of everyone’s life. I am what occurs when any lifestyle change away from Addiction takes place. I am not fun, and until you can learn to deal with me I will lead you back to Addiction time and time again. Some people have become great at dealing with me, and others can’t stand me: in fact, most can’t stand me, which is why the Dragon has given me such an important role. You see, He knows how hard I am for people to deal with; he knows that, more than likely, most will fail in their attempt when trying to overcome me, then making Me one of the main reasons as of to why people don't end up making it: simply because they cannot deal with me.I am also great at leading people down the perpetual road of addiction; I do help them to get started, because once again, no one can deal with Me. Everyone wants to be entertained at all times nowadays. Now with the smart phones, the internet, the television, the gaming, the TV’s in cars, the TV’s in Gyms, and on and on the list could go, point being is that all of these things are now making what I do more effective, because in a sly and hidden way, these things are causing people to become less effective in dealing with Me. Slowly but surely they are becoming a person that needs to be stimulated at all times; or a person that needs to be entertained or having fun at all times, which then becomes and addiction in itself; even a hidden addiction where no joy can be found in the simple things anymore.A car without a TV in it is now Me; working out without an iPod is now Me; not having internet access is now Me; not having a smart phone, or even access to a phone is now Me; not having an Xbox or a Ps3 is now Me; not having a computer is now Me; not having Netflix is now me; not having all of the latest and greatest inventions and entertainment is now Me.I make idle time the Dragons greatest tool; I am idle time. I make it so the Dragon can put lies, deceit, and depression into your mind. I am one of his greatest tools because through Me His whispers are heard clearest. Through Me the greatest chance for you to regress can take place.