The Remote Experience

I read all day at this spot yesterday (huntington beach). Then went on a jog along the pier. Then went to an AA meeting in huntington beach. Words cannot fully describe the type of spiritual experience I had yesterday.I listened yesterday-- and then just went with what I heard; it was truly remarkeable of to where it led me. I talked to all kinds of people: and I was able to learn so much from them. I'm thankful that I had the courage to make action out of the thoughts and impressions that were flowing into my mind. The Biking ExperienceA. Go for a 45 minute bike ride (low intensity). It matters not what type of bike-- just find a bike and go for a ride. I'm recommending a beach cruiser if you have one.B. Read for 25 minutes in a cool location (preferably along the way of your ride)C. Go to an AA, or an ARP meeting. If you have been going to a particular meeting, then search for another meeting that will be new to you.Copy and paste: Take a picture, and then describe your remote experience.