The Nutrition Experiment

The Nutrition Experimentby Dustin HawkinsAs I continue to participate in the nutrition experiment I am led to having a new found knowledge and understanding of its role in helping me to become recovered. I am finding out how to say no to the cravings of my appetite during this process, which, I feel, is teaching me the lesson of how to find pleasure and entertainment in doing things that are not linked to the eating of unhealthy food--food that tells my emotions it will make me feel better, though I know it won't, and it can't.Now instead of me looking at going out to eat with my family as a chance for me to eat as much food as possible, I now am getting close to looking past the food, and on to the people I'm eating dinner with. Yes, my steak and vegetables are still enjoyable; however, it is my conversations with my family that take on a whole new meaning.You see, I'm not a slave to the food anymore; it has no more power or control over me, for I am the one who is in control. I, now can come of conquerer at the end of dinner, with having a new confidence encircle me, making it so I can maintain my organized state of mind by providing me with a real energy that seems to be somehow linked to the spiritual; and even God.Me being organized through perfect nutrition is a real truth I have found, and is my strongest motivator to continue on in my search to living a heightened life nutritionally. I still have the opiate cravings daily, but I seem to be stronger in my will to overcoming them. The only thing I can think of is that God is leading me to this understanding of nutrition so that I can make my way around those cravings with success; and with his help of course. You see, God isn't going to do it all for me, that isn't his style; He is going to lead me to true recovery by teaching me how to do it for myself, which, in this case, He is teaching me how to use nutrition in my recovery.The body composition change is also a strong motivator. It feels good to walk around in a shape that most don't walk around in. Now this is not to say that I'm promoting being cocky or boastful, because I'm not; what I am saying is that when one has been disciplined with their appetite, then it's okay and normal for them to feel happy about how they have been performing in the WAR lifestyle.If I can control my appetite with food then I can do it with Opiates, though I realize they are not the same addiction, but they are similar enough to recognize them as being related, at least they are in this case. The daily preparation, and the eating on a schedule, leads my schedule to being tied up, and now giving me something to look forward to every three hours just in the same way as I looked forward to my next pill pop. However, instead of the pill pop, I'm now participating in the healthy eating pop, which with four or five days of eating in such a way in my system, I can now experience an energy high that far supersedes that of a pill pop.Therefore, if we want to make this way of eating into our new way of eating forever, then we have to find out what motivates us to stay in the groove of eating this way. For me, then, it's that I'm more organized and focused, with being given an enhancement in my overall energy and mood, and not to mention how much better I perform in the gym experience. For you, it might be a different motivator, but you must find it or nutrition will never find you.