Put Strength & Conditioning into Your System

Put Strength & Conditioning into Your Systemby HawkWhen participating in strength & conditioning 3-4 days a week you will come to find that it's not so hard to do the right thing with your addiction. If you revolve your daily eating around the gym experience, then your experience in the gym experience will be heightened, in which your confidence will be lifted, as will your entire way of life.Relapsing seems to be a class in the school of addiction; now thats not to say that I'm condoning relapse, cause I'm not; all I'm saying is that relapse seems to be a class in the school of addiction, so we must be able to perform if and when it happens. I have found, as I have struggled with my own relapses, that the WAR lifestyle has helped me to get back on track quicker than I would've--had it not been in my life.As I come to find myself participating in all aspects of the WAR lifestyle, then I seem to be learning a most important discipline, one that, I believe, is going to help me to get some real time under my belt without having a relapse. With me getting better at the Art of Nutrition, I have found that I'm more organized in all that I do, which tells me that perfect nutrition, coupled with strength & conditioning, is leading me to performing better in all areas of my life, especially when running my business and family. This idea and belief that I'm coming to have is motivating me to stay dialed in nutritionally, physically, and spiritually, because I do want to be a high performer in the game of life. Don't you?For the person who always has something going on with their addiction, meaning, that if it's not pills then they have gone to weed and alcohol; and if it's not weed, alcohol, and pills then they are more than likely putting the WAR lifestyle into their system. Then, if they are trying to combine all four (weed, alcohol, pills, WAR), then most poor habits will go away as long as WAR remains. For example, If this person makes WAR a priority 4-5 nights a week then it's safe to say that the pill, alcohol, and weed will not be as sought after. The WAR lifestyle will start to transform their mind by way of a unique healing process, though not quickly, for it is a lifestyle that takes a great amount of time to learn and develop.

"WAR is a lifestyle that takes patience; but it's also a patient way of life"