The Running, Reading, & Prayer Experience

The Running, Reading, & Prayer Experienceby Mike LopezWent out this morning with a great playlist of uplifting music such as Capital D, Pearl Jam, & GangStarr. Ran about three miles in my neighborhood @ 80% sprinting 200 yards at the end to my house. Stopped at a park & sat under a tree getting lost in prayer for guidance, strength, & to develop a righteous mind. Found this verse that really stuck out to me.. 2 Timothy 3:16-17. It spoke to me about being a man of God & that scriptures are the breath of God speaking to you. My realization from it all was that I need to work on giving back to the people I love & that love me. & not getting selfish in my ways knowing that God will grant me true peace & happiness if I look outside of myself & be the charitable person that I once learned to be.