Purpose in the Art

Purpose in the ArtProper technique has to be achieved or your chance for linear progression will be no more. If you practice these movements poorly and without study, then only poor results will be achieved, which then your motivation to continue on in this sport will dwindle along with your hope for staying clear.Now I'm not saying that one cannot stay clear without strength and conditioning in their life, because some can, and they do; but what I am saying is that those who are looking at this blog and are doing WAR have obviously found a power in strength and conditioning that has helped them to stay clear on some level. My belief, then, is that once they remove this powerful force of strength and conditioning from their lives, then the void will return, and so will their poor habit, causing their purpose for living the beautiful Art of WAR to be lost.WAR helps us to feel accomplished, worthwhile, and purposeful. Purposeful, in that it gives us the opportunity to get good at something. There is now a purpose for us to be disciplined nutritionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually-- because of our new want to get good at living the full Art of WAR. I believe that if we focus on getting good at living the Art of War then we will get good at performing in all of life, and will advance in our progression from being a student to now becoming a coach.If we d0, however, develop in the Art of WAR and advance in our growth to becoming a life coach, then we will have obviously found our confident selves, since no coach takes on the role of being a coach who is not confident. This means, then, that the only way for us to become an effective life coach is by first living the Art of WAR ourselves, and with a passion, so that we can receive insight and inspiration as we live it each day.Though I should warn you that addiction is progressive and seems to go in a circle. We might change for a time, but only for a time, in which we will eventually become quick to forget the art that helped us to change, and now being pulled back into becoming the same person we once were; and round and round we will go.We can, however, break this monotonous circle of relapse if we will remain faithful to living the Art of WAR. Our days need to be filled up with the WAR Art no matter how busy we might be. There needs to be time set aside for our reading, prayer, strength and conditioning, remote experiences, and of course for our families. If we don't take care of these core values then our foundation becomes weak and will eventually crumble.We all should hope to become life coaches, though I have the feeling that many will like the idea, but won't have what it takes to truly make it happen, since making it happen is directly linked to how well they perform each day in the WAR Lifestyle.