If You Do Relapse

If You Do RelapseIf you do happen to relapse, then stop pouting and go in and lift weights at a high intensity so you can feel accomplished and changed. No one is going to feel sorry for you so you might as well not feel sorry for yourself. Yeah, it is true, you might feel like shit this next day, but you did it to yourself so grind through it and keep on living the WAR lifestyle.You can go one of two ways at this point: you can travel back into the life of having a poor habit, or you can put the WAR medication back into your system with having a renewed vigor to do even better in all of life, then making your relapse a priceless learning experience.Don't be a constant seeker of encouragement, but be one who encourages your own self to perform in an intense way within the WAR lifestyle. Make certain that you prepare your food for the week, be scheduled with your training partners, make time for reading, and lose the "I just don't have time" attitude; such a demeanor is only laying the claim to you being lazy and a quitter. You are not the only one in the world who is busy and stressed, so stop moping around and acting like it's all about you.You have learned a great way of life, and have tools that most addicts would love to have in their bag; so when you choose not to use those tools that most don't have, you are not only doing a huge disservice to yourself, but also to the beautiful WAR Lifestyle that you were so privileged to be taught.The WAR lifestyle is a privilege to be learned. Most will never be taught the true art of it because most don't have what it takes to learn it. However, for you--you did have what it takes to learn it, and you did learn it; and for you to now travel back into your old lazy way of life means that you do not respect the WAR way of life, which does piss off all of those members of WAR who are serious partakers of the lifestyle due to them now having to witness you being casual in your efforts to living a way of life that they all hold so dear.