The Heart

The Heartby Dustin HawkinsOur heart determines who we are, and what we are to stand for in this life.It's the thought that if we had money to give to those who are worse off then we are then we would go ahead and give it. It's the thought of helping out those who are handicapped and of less fortune, and then allowing emotional feelings to sweep over us when we acted on our impression to help them out. It's our heart that leads us to secretly applauding those of whom are dealing with the hard life situation valiantly; and us now realizing that we are not as tough as we thought when in comparison to that man who is fighting the fight way better than we are, and is doing so with staying clear and relying not on the world, but only upon God.We often see those who are struggling to find happiness--and it’s our heart that leads us to helping them. It is so with the homeless man who is begging outside of the movie theatre only to feed his habit; however, it is not our place to judge, nor is it our right-- but it's our opportunity, if we are able, to go ahead and hand him some money without holding the grudge of judgment, but realizing that he might be a victim of circumstance, and is still one of Gods children who needs help.For those of us who are doing well in the the school of addiction and in the game of life our heart will only become hardened if we are always feeling as if we are being taken advantage of by those who are not performing in the way that we are. Some were born looking more popular than others, even being more athletic, outgoing, and mightier in speech. Others were born into drug addiction and poverty, making their situation far more challenging--but also much more rewarding when they bravely choose to advance through the shadows of the dark valley courageously, and now coming off conqueror.We should hope to become those who cry when we witness others struggling, which such crying can then lead us to helping them to help themselves--so that they might eventually be able to improve their own circumstance with just a little bit of help from us. We should also hope to be filled with joy for those who have finally found their way, as apposed to feeling like it was about time, and now feeling threatened because they have finally done something with their life, making it so there is nothing left for us to talk about, nor is there a project to fix anymore. Besides, we should always try to help people along in their journey, so that they, too, can experience the full abundant life.Our heart, then, can lead us to being beautiful in the way that we treat and deal with others, making our heart the most important organ in the magnificent body because of how it can turn from being hardened to softened, which such a softening is then accompanied by the gift of charity, which is that priceless gift given to those who are doing well in the game of life.