Remote Experience

Go run in an area such as this one..A. Run for 30-45 minutes at a Z1 pace (a pace you could have a conversation at). Listen to inspirational music throughout the experience. Not anything too fast, something slow and inspirational.  Work on your spirituality during the run, and then following the run, and during the cool down. Utilize prayer, and direct your thoughts away from yourself and towards others. Think about how y0u can help someone this week.+B. Write about the following concept: Can you see the importance of thinking outside the box in creating experiences for yourself? Can you see how it will change you, and even put you on a new productive path because you will have done something out of the ordinary, and even unique to your current way of doing things?+

C. Watch an inspirational movie tonight--one that has the capacity to play on your senses and emotions. Post what movie you chose.