Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligenceby Dustin HawkinsCrying is an art that can easily be misunderstood. There are two forms of crying, the first one being painful crying, and the second being happy crying. The form of crying I wish to speak about is happy crying, or the type of crying that comes from old happy memories, or of when pure charity flows through our system and causes us to cry and become emotional.We can only hope to have the type of spiritual experiences that cause us to cry. For example, when a certain song is played in the perfect setting it can create an emotional intelligence to develop within our mind that helps us to formulate happy thoughts; and through those happy thoughts - we draw closer to that person we once used to be when we were children. Furthermore, such thinking can helps us to peak back through the shadows of time, helping us to see the type of person that we are able to become if we will just endure a little longer.Going out and creating a jogging experience for ourselves in a unique location while listening to beautiful music, and stopping often to reflect, can be one of those life changing experiences that will lead us to finding our emotional and spiritual selves. We might think about our children, or of when we were children, which then we compare our great childhood with the way of life that we hope to provide for our own children. We might find the necessary motivation to truly change our life while participating in such an experience because of how opened up we can become to feeling the spiritual. The unique jogging experience, coupled with the music, creates a perfect platform for spiritual and emotional development to take place. Moreover, creativity then becomes the sprinkles on top, adding a unique flavor to the experience.Most think that creativity only grows in certain people. I have found, however, that only the bravest of souls find their true creative self -- and it is because of their willingness to participate in something that is unique to them. Such people aren't afraid to be alone, and when the stresses of life become too much, they escape in their own unique way. They aren't afraid to stop often and pray, asking for help, and giving thanks. They aren't afraid to go outside, close their eyes, only to let the sun hit their face so that can say a prayer of gratitude for all that they have, with feeling a special connection to God by way of the sun and nature.The one who is a constant searcher for an emotional experience is one who is not afraid to go to a movie alone because of how it has been proven to play on their senses. They love the emotional escape that comes within a movie; and when there is a time to cry, they are not afraid to do so because of how their confidence has led them to feeling secure about themselves.Confidence and emotional intelligence feed one another. We can't perfect the game of having emotional balance if we are not confident in what we are being emotional about. Thus, if we are always off worrying about what others think about us- then we will put up a barrier wall, which now will be blocking the spiritual rays that would've otherwise led us to tears of joy running down our cheeks.So it is through being humble, submissive, and comfortable in our own skin that seem to be those prerequisites needed before we are to be enrolled into the courses of emotional higher learning. Learning can only take place for us within our experiences, which is why we are allowed to participate in challenging life events--so that we might gain emotional experience. There are life events that will cause us to experience the low mood that leads to sadness; and likewise, there are also those life events that will cause us to experience the high mood that leads to happiness. Our mood, however, should remain in the middle of those two moods, never traveling to far up--nor to far down, but where we remain consistent in our emotions, knowing perfectly that no matter how high or low our emotions travel, that all will be well with us because of how our obedience to true principles will keep us steady, confident, and safe, then giving us a great amount of faith that all will be well as long as we continue to seek the type of emotional intelligence that is linked to God.