The School of Addiction

The School of Addictionby Dustin HawkinsIn the secular world, education is a priority for many, where degrees are sought after so that learning can be developed. Furthermore, such education starts in grade school, and then advances into junior high and high school, and then finally on to college and post graduate studies.Well what about the school of life? The school of life seems to be that advanced degree; the degree of which our classes are held within experiences that are tied to our free agency. The choices that you and I make as the storms of adversity and temptation swell around us, are those choices that determine which class we are to be enrolled in. So those of us who made the decision to toy with the quick and immediate pleasures of this world are now enrolled in the school of addiction. So now that we are enrolled, we can either strive to pass this long course by working at it daily, or we can fail miserably by giving up and not trying, ours is to choose.It is true that many won't pass the school of addiction, which is why the passing gate is narrow. Addiction is a most challenging degree -- one filled with heartache, pain, doubt, fear, and tears. However, those of us who bravely fight this mighty war by studying and working at it each day, and never giving up, can then end up becoming professors in the school of addiction who will now be carrying a most powerful degree.This will not be a degree that will be recognizable in the secular world, however, and more importantly--it will be a degree that will be highly recognized by God. And by us now having this advanced degree-- we will be more able, and even willing to be of use to God in this second estate due to us having obtained that special ability to help others pass the course of addiction, even becoming tutors. Likewise, we, ourselves, will be getting even closer to becoming like Him--so that we might one day dwell with him in heaven, with feeling an overwhelming sense of peace, comfort, and accomplishment from us performing a job well done in the school addiction.