The Weekend Experience

Running & Walking ExperienceA. Go for a unique run, somewhere that is beautiful and has character. Jog a little on this run, but also walk a little on this run. Work on enjoying the beauty of the day by staring often into the sun with having closed eyes and a grateful heart.Send me pictures of the experience and anything that you might have wrote after participating in it..Gym ExperienceA. 3 sets (not for time of):10 Box Jumps (24/20) + 10 Toes 2 Bar + 10 KbsB. 4 Rounds for time of:5 Squat Clean (185/105)5 Burpees20 Double Unders  rest / meditate for 5 minutes and then…C. Complete 21,15,9 reps for time of:OHS (135,85) + CTB Pull-UpsNOTE: Post times + loads used + any comments that you might have..       rest / meditate for 5 minutes and then…Spiritual WorkD. Four rounds for time of:10 Dead Lifts (185/125) + 20 Wall BallsNOTE: Post times + loads used + any comments that you might have..Spiritual WorkA. Read 20 minutes X 4-6. Try to be unique.It's important that you read this weekend. If you haven't gotten a book then get one. If you have a book, but have not been reading it--then start reading it. Reading is so important for all people, but it is especially important that we who struggle with addiction read. Reading will help us to feel that ever present void in our soul.. Make it happen...B. Find a Song...Find a good song this weekend -- one that plays on your senses..One of those more spiritual type songs, the ones that have the ability to change how your are feeling--from being in a poor mood, to now being in a good and healthy mood..C.  Work on Prayer...A few times over the weekend, I want you to work on prayer in a secluded setting. Go to somewhere quiet at least 3 times, even more if you feel like you need it. When praying, be real, and not repetitive. Have a conversation with God as if he were you father in heaven; and just as a good father will stand by his son or daughter while they learn through the trials of life, then so will our father in heaven be forgiving of our misfortunes.