The Remote Experience 1/15/14

Find a Way to Experience Swimming EXPERIENCE NOTE: Make this happen. Go experience lap swimming. Search for a pool in your area and make this experience happen. Tie this experience in with spirituality in your own unique way. Remember, being physically active can be a spiritual experience if you would just allow it to be. Look to get lost in meditative thought often, and don’t be afraid be unique. Ex) The location that you perform this experience at may even have a sauna or a hot tub, if so, look to relax and get lost in meditative thought and prayer. A. Find a pool near you, and perform twelve 50 meter laps, rest as needed; swim whatever way you know.B. While driving in your car say a prayer of thanksgiving, where you do nothing more than state all of the things that you are thankful for in your life. Say this prayer out loud. Even if you don’t get a chance to do the swim portion of the experience, go on and do this experience anyways. Be creative…C. Watch a feel good, inspirational movie. Everyone can think of a movie that has touched their soul; find a movie that can touch your soul, or re-watch one from the past.D. Post about todays Remote Experience. What did you learn? What movie did you rent? - And any other comments concerning the experience.