Putting It Back Together

Putting It Back Togetherby Dustin HawkinsSo we start putting our life back together. We develop our own personalized strength and conditioning program, making arrangements to work out with someone who is just as good at strength and conditioning as we are (if not better in many areas), in an effort for us to be held accountable to that specific strength and conditioning routine by someone else other than ourselves; and so that we can be pushed each day- so that we might find joy and accomplishment in pushing past our own personal limitations, whatever those might be.We, too, schedule a time to start seeing our therapist each week so that we can, once again, start working on the deeper things within ourself, and, just as how our strength & conditioning routine held us accountable to someone else, then so to will this.Those two programs still aren't enough--so we join the LDS 12 step program on Sunday nights so that we can work the twelve steps in hopes of being healed by those twelve steps. We are also in search of a sponsor, or someone who can help us to walk those steps; one who understands the ongoing psychological battle themselves, and having walked with success, they are now prepared and able to help us find success just as they have found success.Let's not forget the service and the nutrition component of our program. The service will come in the form of less self pity, and more focus on the needs of others, and we will do this by helping them to learn the WAR lifestyle so that they might have the opportunity to find their best selves--just as we are in constant search of finding our best selves. The nutrition will come by way of preparation, routine, and discipline, all with the idea in our minds that if we eat healthy, and show discipline, then we will feel healthy, and also good about ourselves, and the same is to be said about service.