More of WAR--Less of the World

More of WAR--And Less of the World

"If you are struggling to find happiness, then it would be wise to put more of WAR into your system, and less of the world."

If you are struggling with alcohol and pills-then it would be wise for you to do less alcohol and pills, and more nutrition and exercise. The alcohol, pill and cigarette routine at the end of a long hard day isn't a routine that is sustainable. Sooner or later the night routine won't be enough anymore, and will now need to turn into the morning routine because of how bad you feel in the morning from the night routine - hence, making the routine not sustainable in terms of finding real happiness.We have to replace that night routine with a gym, nutrition, and reading routine.  Instead of coming home after work and taking the easy way out --we must head out to the gym, go hard in a workout, drink a recovery shake, and then read directly after working out. Then when we return home we need to cook a healthy meal - one full of vegetables, meat, good oils, avocados, and a big glass of whole milk. After eating, we must then turn to reading and not TV. TV is okay in moderation, but once again, TV seems to be the easy route. Reading will challenge our mind in a way that TV cannot- and will allocate a time for a special focus to take place; a focus that will help us to find our spiritual selves.If we are wanting to feel better then we have to be involved in more healthy activities than we are unhealthy activities. We cannot expect to feel good about ourselves if we are always taking the easy way to finding happiness. There are, in this ever challenging world of ours, all kinds of easy and quick ways to escape in to a false happiness. In fact, there are more quick, easy, temporary ways--then there are real, lasting ways. Exercise, nutrition, strength & conditioning, reading, writing, meditative thought and prayer, are just some of the many ways that lead to lasting happiness; however, it is most certain that all of these ways require us pursuing their special routine in order for us to enjoy their sweet fruit.We must think in terms of what's real, and what's fake. The long view will help us to discern between these two paths, and will allow for us to make wise decisions due to us being in tune with what the healthy road will do for us, and what the unhealthy road won't do for us. For instance: if we now look at drinking, smoking, and popping pills as being a fake happiness that is only going to lead us down the road of misery, we might, then, be more keen and motivated to put the WAR lifestyle into our system -- all with the idea in our mind that the WAR way of life is going to bring us the spread out real high--as apposed to the quick fake high; and that it's going to be a high that can last, and will continue to improve as long as we, ourselves, continue to improve in our way of living it.-Hawk