The Fathers Pep Talk

The Fathers Pep TalkI realize that you have been struggling these last six weeks; don't be tricked into thinking that you cannot escape the grips of Opiate. You have escaped his grips in the past -- so there is no reason for you to think that you cannot escapes his grips this time. This time, however, has been very challenging for you, but who is to say that there is not purpose in you being tried in such a way. Who is to say that this time might be a very important learning experience for you. Not only have you learned life's great principles while living the clear life - but what about the learning that's taking place during this time of when you are struggling intensely with your addiction. Have you ever thought that this struggle might be a struggle that you need to go through in order for you to advance further in your recovery. It's no secret that before great blessings occur in an individuals life that there is always a struggle prior to those blessings unfolding. Maybe great blessings do await you; blessings that are contingent upon you making your way through these shadows once again.The way to making it out of these shadows is through that system you have been living, even just six weeks ago. The opiate and the dragon are working hard in trying to get you to forget that great spiritual system.So you should start with food --putting perfect nutrition into your system. What this will do for you will be incredible --remember? It will teach you discipline, and will give you something to look forward to every three hours because of how you will know that you are putting nothing but health into your system, then giving you a psychological advantage. The eating schedule will get you back into being disciplined with what you are putting into your body, which will then help you to feel good about yourself, and will even cause you to question yourself when the thought to put Opiate back into your system arises.Work hard on strength and conditioning, going hard five days a week. This, along with eating healthy, will give you that much needed physical and mental confidence that you are going to need so that you can win the WAR with your psychological addiction. The sport that strength and conditioning can provide you with will keep you focused and determined. If you are focused on getting better at strength and conditioning then you will not be focused on opiate. The sport of strength and conditioning is in the complete opposite direction of opiate, making it so that if you are giving your full self to the art of strength and conditioning then you will have not the ability, nor the time, to give any of your self to opiate.And finally, the most important tool for you to use in helping you to make your way out of the shadows and back into the light is to of course use Me, God, your Heavenly Father. Keep staying in alignment with my spiritual system. Keep attending church each and every week. Keep reading your scriptures, and studying about my son Jesus Christ, for He is the great example to mankind. He knows what you are going through; he has felt your pains, and has even experienced them, which makes him the expert on how you can be healed of them by him. Look to emulate his character; look to be as he was; focus on slowing your personality down, being patient, humble, meek, and full of love. Turn outward more than inward. As of lately you have been turning inward because that is what your addiction does to you; and it is now time for you to turn away from yourself, and to start focusing on helping others again. If you turn away from yourself and focus on serving others, then just as in the same way as nutrition and strength and conditioning can protect you, then so can pure charity. Charity is considered to be my true love, or the "pure love of Christ." Love will heal all, and if you, yourself, want to feel loved and safe--then it is true that you must focus on showing how much you love and care for others. You need to be caring and sympathetic to your wife, striving each day to be her great supporter and best friend. Your children need your strong guiding influence in their lives so that they can grow up living a healthy happy life, and not be burdened with the substances of this world when they become adults themselves. Spend less time working, and more time with them.  If you are spending time with your children then you are spending time with me, hence, making spending time with your children the greatest form of spiritual work that you could ever embark on.You do need this well rounded balance to once again return in your life; and if it does, then you will have no trouble making it back into the light, and will have successfully, once again, participated in a great learning experience -- one that will have given you the ability to teach others how to escape the shadows of their own addiction in the same way that you have.Keep Fighting The WAR -- your loving Father in Heaven