The Daily Experience 12/15/13

Click to Read: The Fathers Pep Talk Remote Program CLEARA. Row or Run for 10 minutes @ 70% (work on gratitude / prayer)STRONGA. 5 Low Bar Back Squat + 10 -15 Push Ups; rest 2 minutes X 4NOTE: Heavier than last time…Post loads..B. Max hand stand hold; rest 2 minutes x 3.NOTE: Post three times. BALANCEAs Many Rounds as Possible in 6 Minutes of:6 Thrusters (95/65) + 6 Pull-UpsNOTE: Same as last week -- lets see if you can do better.. Student ProgramCLEARA. 10 minutes of skill work: HSPU, Double Unders, Pull-Ups, Ring Dips..NOTE: Work on the stuff that you don't do well..get loose by going through all of these movements, and practicing them..STRONGA. Build to a tough single in the cleanNOTE: Be better than last how you doB. 5 Low Bar; rest 2 minutes X 5NOTE: Heavier than last week..BALANCE4 Sets for times of:15 Pull-Ups + 15 Wall-Balls + 15 Box Jumps (20)rest 3 minutesNOTE: Post 4 different times.... Life CoachCLEARA. Max double unders in 7 minutesNOTE: Bring your own rope, or get one..Log total repsSTRONGA. Build to a tough single in the snatch (85%), and then with that same load perform EMOM for 5 minutes of: 2 squat snatch.NOTE: Post load used + how this goes..B. Find today's 1-RM in the low back squat and then take 80% and perform EMOM for 5 minutes of: 3 Low Bar.NOTE: Post load + how this goes...BALANCE4 sets for times of:20 Unbroken Pull-Ups + 20 Unbroken Wall Balls + 20 Unbroken Box Jumps (24/20)rest 3 minutes...NOTE: Post 4 times. These are to be done at 100% effort..