My Name Is Roxy

My Name Is RoxyYou have been a fan of opiates for over ten years now. On and off you have gone, from Lor tabs, to percocets, to more lor tabs, to more percocet's. And then of course you had your nine month run where you got wrapped up into methadone; and once you got clear of methadone - you then swore you'd never get wrapped up into an Opiate that strong again because of how close it brought you to losing everything. You swore that you would never get mentally and physically addicted to an Opiate again in that way; and you have, in fact, been doing good with a few minor slip ups along the way--and that's all great. But did you really think getting over a ten year relationship with Opiate was going to be that easy? We come in all forms, ranging from percocets, to lortabs, to hydorocodone, to oxycodone, to methadone, and now on to me, Roxy. I am the latest and greatest opiate mood enhancer. I am thirty years old--and have many younger brothers who are only fifteen, but their punch is every bit as powerful, especially when they are paired and taken together. When they are paired together they become the same age as me, thirty.I am little and blue, and I love to be snorted. Their is no Tylenol in me, for I am pure and full of life. Once I travel into your system by way of nose you will feel a warmth and a sense of confidence that can be found no where else. You will want to call people and talk about good things. You will want to do things that you wouldn't normally want to do had I not been in your system. The things that you used to dread doing, I can now make it so that you don't dread doing those things anymore. Getting back to people by phone, text message, and email is now a fun thing to do, whereas before, and without me in your system, you dreaded getting back to people.With Me in you system--working around the house and living in the moment while hanging out with your family becomes easier and far more enjoyable. The overwhelming feeling of keeping up on your house work, and on your business work, all the while trying to spend an adequate amount of time within your family- now becomes easier for you to handle due to Me being in your system. Now with me in your system you just happily chip away at the house chores. Now with me in your system you become more proactive while working on your business. Now with me in your system living in the moment while spending time with your family isn't a chore anymore, but is now a good time, and even enjoyable.I must warn you, however, that I have the ability to not only grasp onto you physically, but mentally as well. Days without me you will crave me in both the physical and mental way. Even when you are physically free of me you will still be psychologically in tune with me because of my ability to work through your memory. My memory will be tied to your stress, and linked to all persons, places, and things, since you will have memories of doing most things on me, now making it hard to do anything while not on me. When you are stressed the memory of me helping you to cope with that stress will be magnified, causing you to crave Me.I guess I really am that one they call blue; maybe it's because I can make all of your blues go away. I can, in all truthfulness, lead you to not feel anything. I will lead you to having a proactive character; I will lead you to having excellent communication skills; I will lead you to itching and scratching; I will lead you to nodding and dreaming; I will lead you to small pupils and a raspy voice; I will lead you to irritability; I will lead you to laziness; I will lead you to the run around; I will lead you to always being late; I will lead you to being sick and complacent; I will lead you to missing work; I will lead you to lying and being manipulative; I will lead you to financial turmoil.I will, eventually, lead you to having a character that no one will like; I will lead you to heroine and needles, and finally to either jail or death.I am Roxy