A Sunday Experience

Sunday Experience       by Dustin HawkinsI had an experience, not long ago - on a Sunday night. I was struggling in my mind- and my want to escape was great. I decided that I was going to go and work on the art of Olympic Weightlifting. I set out a chair, set up the barbell, put chalk on my hands and began my work. My plan was to build to a tough single in both the snatch and the clean and jerk, where in between sets I would take a seat in the chair that I set out and would study the scriptures, focusing intensely on what it was that I was reading and studying. After about two minutes of study I would then go back to work on the Olympic lifts, focusing intensely on perfecting the technique, while also carrying the spiritual concepts that I was studying around in my head. Back and forth I would go, from intense study to intense weightlifting. After thirty to forty minutes of doing this my mind became at ease, and the spiritual had entered into my system by way of lifting weights, reading, studying, pondering, and praying; needless to say I felt better.After the reading and weightlifting session I then put on my running shoes and music and headed out to create a jogging experience for myself. My plan was to experience the neighborhood that my first childhood house sat in, and I did just that. As I approached the little red house (that I barely remember) I felt a sense of nostalgia and peace that furthered my feelings of Gods love for me. I took pictures of the old house and neighborhood and then continued on in my journey, then stopping at an old park to read and write from my phone.I jogged and walked on the way back after reading at the park, praying and getting lost in meditative thought and prayer for the rest of the way back to my car.What an experience I had in this Sunday - and without it, I may have been lost to my addiction. There is no such thing as the dark mind if we will have the courage to create an experience for ourselves when we feel the dark mind coming on. I have said this many times before, but God knew that we were going to be susceptible to all of the many fast intense pleasures of the world; he knew that we were going to like them if we tried them. And since we have tried them we have opened ourselves up and are now susceptible to the Dragons enticements and whispers. So with God having such foreknowledge -he provided us with ways that we could get high through his system. As we seek his spiritual system out then he helps impressions to flow into our mind of how we might come to find natural ways to get high by helping us to have the courage and creativity necessary to go out and create unique spiritual experiences for ourselves through being physically active.The experience I just painted for you in the above paragraph is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Many might think that such a system is weird, but it is not weird to me and it shouldn't be weird to you. We are ones who have to find creative ways to make it around the cravings. Those who do not struggle with such cravings will never quite understand what it feels like to have so little of control.These experiences, along with living the WAR lifestyle in its entirety-have protected me. And though I haven't been perfect with my addiction - I have, however, and through this WAR way of life- been able to manage my addictive self better each year. I'm going on six years now of trying to live this lifestyle to the fullest, and each year I improve upon the previous year. My relapses are becoming less and less, and their duration are becoming shorter and shorter, meaning that when I do fall I get back on track with a quickness, using the WAR lifestyle to help me to maintain my composure so that I do not go full board back into the world of my addiction.If you can come to learn this truth with regard to living the full spectrum of the WAR lifestyle with an intensity, then there is no doubt in my mind that you will point your addiction in a healthy direction and will spend way more time living healthy and clear - then you do unhealthy and clouded. That is the goal right? To live life clear? But if we do for some reason fall by way of our addiction then through our hard work in living the WAR lifestyle we will have built within us the most solid of all routines; a routine made up of physical, mental, and spiritual health - which will act as that protective armor that will most certainly shield us from our addiction.