Remote Experience

Took my experience to the neighborhood that I first lived in as a young child. I barely remember the neighborhood but there are parts that I remember so it was a good experience.

A. In a unique area run a 5k and at some point during the 5k perform 50 burpees. The burpees don't need to be all at once. ten could be in one area along the way, ten could in another area along the way - be creative; just have completed 50 burpees by the time you finish the 5K.

B. In two minutes write about all of the things you are thankful for in your life. Ready - GO..

C. Start thinking about how you can improve your routine. Earlier to bed? Earlier to rise? Reading in the morning? Reading at night? Prayer? Gym Experience, Remote Experience and Weekend Experience? Where can you improve? Email me what you wrote: