Weekend Experience

 TRACK EXPERIENCEA. On a Football Field Complete 2 Rounds For Time:Sprint 100 yards       rest 45 secondsSprint 80 yards       rest 30 secondsSprint 60 yards       rest 15 secondsSprint 40 yards      rest 60 secondsNOTE: Stick to the exact rest times. You'll need to run with a stop watch or some type of timer. Total time including rests for two rounds is your time. Post time, or email me. dustin@workoutaddictionrecovery.comB. 10 minute cool down walk. Get lost in gratitude, meditative thought, and prayer. C. Read for 20 minutes under a tree or in the bleachers (on phone or bring a book). SPIRITUAL WORKA. Read for 30 minutes X 4. (A little longer time span this week - be patient and focus)B. Look for an opportunity to help someone. If you get the opportunity - then write about it. Email me what you wrote. C. On both Saturday and Sunday night - go outside your house at night and get lost in meditative thought and prayer for 5-10 minutes.