Remote Experience

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This is the hill I sprinted up after running next to a train for about a mile. I hopped over that gate and then went hard up that hill, then arriving at a park at the top, where I then read for 20 minutes while getting lost in prayer and gratitude. These are my favorite experiences. I challenge you all to not be afraid to be unique. Be creative and you will find yourself. Send me pictures of your experience. 

AM (earlier the better)A. Upon waking up pray + go for a 15 minute jog/walk (search for gratitude and meditative thought)B. Eat a healthy breakfast + read for 20 minutes (something in line with the spiritual)C. Have a good day. Work on keeping your personality quiet, humble, and spiritual. Be a good patient person, who is slow to anger. LUNCHA. Eat a healthy lunch + Read for 30 minutes in a reverent location (cemetery, mountains, somewhere quiet, car parked under a tree, etc)PM (Around 6:00 PM)A. In a unique location, go for a 45 minute jog/walk where you switch terrain often. Go from a neighborhood, to a unique road, then to rocky terrain, then to an unbeaten path where you end up at some sort of park or unique spot. Go to a location that will help you recall a time well spent. Take pictures and email or text them to me: dustin@workoutaddictionrecovery.comB. Wherever you end up - send out a text to someone you haven't spoken to in a while asking them how they are doing.  C. Before bed read for 30 minutes + write about the remote experience + pray before bed. Email me what you wrote: