Gym Experience

Take 15 minutes and watch this Video. It's of Steve Jobs (founder of Apple) at Stanford giving the Commencement Address. Trust me - it's worth the watch. Let me know what you think..STUDENTCLEAR3 sets of:7 TnG Clean High Pulls (95/65) + 7 Front Squat (95/65); rest 2 minutesNOTE: Work on being crisp and efficient, keeping a good confident back angle the entire time going into the high pull. Pull that bar deep into pockets before going into the pull.  STRONGA. Build to a tough single in the Squat CleanNOTE: Log load..BALANCE3 Rounds For Time of:Row 750 Meters + 20 Box Jumps (20) + 10 BurpeesNOTE: Log time completed... LIFE COACHCLEARA. 3 Sets of:50 Double Unders + 10-15 Toes2Bar; rest 1 minuteNOTE: Lets get better at double unders. If you haven't got them - then just work on getting them and then move on to Toes2bar. This is supposed to be skill work, so don't just skip through the DU"s just because you can't do them. PRACTICE.B. 3 Sets of:3 Power Jerk (light) + 3 Split Jerk (same bar); rest 1 minuteNOTE: Just working on technique, getting you loose for the STRONG. STRONGA. Build to a tough single in the split jerk.NOTE: Try for a new 1 RM..BALANCEOn the minute for 18 minutes rotate through the following stations:Minute 1: 5/3 Muscle UpsMinute 2: 10/6 HSPU'sMinute 3: 15 KBS (70/55)NOTE: Log how this goes..