Remote Experience

High Through Nostalgia

AM (earlier the better)A. Upon waking up pray + go for a 15 minute jog (search for gratitude)B. Eat a healthy breakfast + read for 20 minutes (something in line with the spiritual)C. Have a good day. Work on keeping your personality quiet, humble, and spiritual. Be a good patient person, who is slow to anger. LUNCHA. Eat a healthy lunch + Read for 30 minutes in a reverent location (cemetery, mountains, somewhere quiet, car parked under a tree, etc)PM (Around 7:30 PM)A. 10 minute warm up jog + prayer/meditative thought. Be appreciative of the night.B. On a big body of grass perform: 6-200 meter (guesstimate) straight away sprints; rest is walk back + prayer.NOTE: While walking back get lost in thoughts of gratitude and prayer. Notice the beauty of the night. C. Before bed read for 30 minutes + write about remote experience + pray before bed. Email me what you wrote: