Remote Experience

Experience Hill Sprints

EXPERIENCE NOTE: Be creative of where you do this experience. If you can, park 10 minutes away from the hill that you are going to perform the sprints on - and then jog to the hill, perform the sprints, and then jog from the hill and back to your car. Take a creative route to the hill, changing the terrain from grass, to gravel, and back to pavement whenever you can. And then take a creative route home that is different from the first. BE CREATIVE.

A. Warm Up Jog for 10 minutes. Jog slow, and say a prayer of thanksgiving while jogging. Think about all of the things that you are thankful for in your life, and then offer a prayer of gratitude for all of those things that you are thankful for.       +B. Perform: Eight fifty meter (guesstimate) grass hill sprints; rest is walk downNOTE: Hill needs to be steep. Look to be aggressive, fast, and explosive while running up the hill.        +C. Cool Down Jog for 10 minutes. Say another prayer, but ask for help in whatever you may need help with. Look to be thankful for the current experience you are having.        +D. Before bed, read for 20-30 minutes.