Gym Experience

Learning the WAR Lifestyle

When new people come into WAR they are immediately surrounded by WAR Life Coaches. The Life Coach's main goal and responsibility is to start chipping away at teaching them the WAR Lifestyle so that they might experience, for themselves, the incredible way of life that the WAR Lifestyle can lead them to having.

For the WAR Life Coach, the gift of persuasion is the greatest of all character gifts. If you can be persuasive then you can become a master teacher-and will turn the hearts and minds of many away from the shadowy way of life, and onto experiencing the sunshine way of life.  

CLEAR3 Sets of:10 Clean High Pulls (95/65) + 5 Hang Squat Clean Thruster (95/65) + 10 Rack Lunges (5 each leg); rest 2 minutesNOTE: Rack lunges are lunges with holding the bar in the front rack position. Be crisp on technique. STRONGA. Front Squat:
Set 1 - 5 Reps @ 75%Set 2-3 Reps @ 80%Set 3- 1 Rep @  85%
Set 4 - 5 Reps @ 80%Set 5-3 Reps @ 85%Set 6- 1 Rep @ 90%
       rest as needed NOTE: Compare notes..B. Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes perform:Squat Clean 1.1 (rest 10 seconds in between singles)NOTE: Build from 55%-95%. in the 8 sets.BALANCEFor Time Complete:100 Double Unders50 Wall Balls40 CTB Pull Ups30 Burpees20 KBS (70/55)NOTE: Log time completed….