Fighting Relapse using the WAR Lifestyle

Fighting Relapse using the WAR Lifestyle.

If you have been doing good for four months, but then relapsed for two days on Percocet's 10's, where you took twenty five pills in just two days time, then it is true that the third day is going to be a real challenge since you will be hung over and feeling sick from the two day Opiate binge. The persuasive whisper to take Opiate on this third day will be stronger than ever before, and the want to escape the low mood will be intense. So what if on the last night (second night) of when the Percocet 10's are finally about to run out-that you develop a game plan for the next day (third day) that is going to help you to get back into the lifestyle that you know to be true, even that WAR Lifestyle. You tell yourself that no matter how bad you are going to feel in the morning, and no matter how low your mood turns out to be, that you are going to stick to this plan because you are passionate about hoping out of this relapse bottom with a quickness so that you can once again return to the progressive path, which is the WAR path; because you know with a surety that if you stay on this Opiate path then no progress will be made, and you will eventually regress into that character of which holds no light. So you begin the fight on this second night after partaking the last of the Percocet's, where you are now attempting to move back towards the spiritual character through the use of prayer, and also the diligent study about Christ. You even watched an entire general conference session on Xfinity on demand until three in the morning in hopes of forcing the spiritual back into your system. And though this strategy did prove to be beneficial, and you did in fact end up putting some light back into your system; however- it was also through this attempt that you realized the serious battle that lies ahead of you, and the diligent effort that it's going to take to truly get back on the WAR path.  So now it is the morning time of that third day; your head is pounding and no spiritual light can be found within you. You stick to your plan of getting out of bed, and trying to act your best self around your wife and kids, though this proves to be a real challenge because of the loss of the spirit; and when and individual has once obtained the spirit and then has lost the spirit, then it is noticeable to all because of the severity of the light lost, for the two characters won't match up. So you now put on your shoes, create a playlist, and head off out the door to go and get lost in jogging, meditative thought, and prayer. Your hope is that the exercise will lead to an increase in your endorphin levels, then creating the perfect platform for good thinking to be ushered in. Fifteen minutes into your jog you stop at a park, sit down on a bench under a shaded tree, and read your scriptures on your iPhone. While you are reading, you stop often to contemplate the concepts that you are reading, with having a broken heart and a contrite spirit, while also asking and pleading in prayer for help to feel the spiritual once again. When you get home you fuel yourself perfectly with the idea in mind that such fuel will help balance you out since your mood is going to be sorely affected on this day due to the past two days of you being in an intense relationship with Opiate. After getting fueled, you then go to a quiet spot in your house, where you get down on your knees, plead in prayer, and ask God for help in escaping the dark mind that Opiate has led you to having. You do this pattern of reading, fueling, pondering, and prayer six more times throughout the day, all of which were done in separate unique locations in an attempt to force the spiritual back into your system. Now it's 8pm at night, and you get the impression that you should go on a jog on this beautiful summer night. You know from having dealt with breaking free from the grips of Opiate in the past, that it is around the eighteen hour mark with him being out of your system after a binge of such intensity that irritability starts to set in; and you don't think it's fair that your family has to see you this way- so you go on this jog, performing the same routine as in the morning, only in a separate location-and at night time. You force thoughts of gratitude into your mind, where you think about your children and how beautiful they are, and how happy they do make you. You stop and walk often on this run, pondering, even getting lost in further prayer and meditative thought as you look to appreciate the beautiful time of night-and also the nature that surrounds you.You can now feel the Opiate cloud being lifted and your good character being brought forth. And you live to fight another day... Below is the WAR prescription that was just described. This is a prescription that I have prescribed myself and it has worked for me numerous of times in pulling me out of the shadows of my addiction..However, this takes work, and many don't have the courage and motivation to go out and do something like this when they are in such a state with their addiction. I guess the main component in getting out of a relapse cycle is actually wanting to get out of a relapse cycle. If you want to get out of a relapse cycle then you can most certainly get out of a relapse cycle. You can only lean on "the poor me/addiction is a disease" slogan for so long. PART 1AMA. Upon waking up, walk right out your front door and go for a 12 minute jog holding a Z1 pace (pace you could have a conversation at) + Read for thirty minutes outside while getting lost in meditative thought and prayer (I’m promoting scripture study)B. Eat a perfectly balanced breakfast + pray in a unique spot (outside, or even in your house)PART 2PMA. Go  running and walking for 30 – 45 minutes. Run a while, walk a while. Start this experience at exactly 8pm.  Find a place of beauty to enjoy this experience at. Think about going to a place that could assist you in the reflection on your life. I want you to go someplace that will help old memories flow freely into your mind; good memories; memories of the past; memories of when you were young and innocent. Maybe you go jog through an old neighborhood, or an old park, or around a lake- where childhood memories run deep. While walking and running look to reflect deeply about these old memories. Get a good sweat going, but also slow down at times and enjoy the beauty of the summer night.       +B. Write about the experience. Where did your thinking go? Do you think that it is possible to become as a kid again? What type of change would have to take place in your life in order to become innocent-as you were when you were a child? What power could cause such a change to take place in your life? Email me your thoughts concerning this concept.       +C. What is your understanding of the Atonement? If you have no such knowledge, do some research.