Remote Experience

Look to Notice the Spiritual

PART 1AMA. Upon waking up, walk right out your front door and go for a 12 minute jog holding a Z1 pace (pace you could have a conversation at) + Read for thirty minutes outside while getting lost in meditative thought and prayer (I'm promoting scripture study)B. Eat a perfectly balanced breakfast + pray in a unique spot (outside, or even in your house)PART 2PMA. Go  running and walking for 30 – 45 minutes. Run a while, walk a while. Start this experience at exactly 8pm.  Find a place of beauty to enjoy this experience at. Think about going to a place that could assist you in the reflection on your life. I want you to go someplace that will help old memories flow freely into your mind; good memories; memories of the past; memories of when you were young and innocent. Maybe you go jog through an old neighborhood, or an old park, or around a lake- where childhood memories run deep. While walking and running look to reflect deeply about these old memories. Get a good sweat going, but also slow down at times and enjoy the beauty of the summer night.       +B. Write about the experience. Where did your thinking go? Do you think that it is possible to become as a kid again? What type of change would have to take place in your life in order to become innocent-as you were when you were a child? What power could cause such a change to take place in your life? Email me your thoughts concerning this concept.       +C. What is your understanding of the Atonement? If you have no such knowledge, do some research. Email me what you