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EXPERIENCE NOTE: You'll need a camel back loaded with water.A. Experience Trail Running: Run a little, walk a little for roughly 30 minutes. Be creative where you go. The terrain should be up and down but not just straight up since this is not a hike.  Your intensity should be low to sometimes medium intensity. Look to appreciate scenery, and as always - force thoughts of gratitude into your mind. Start thinking about all of the people in your life that play a positive role; think about how much those certain people do for you, and have done for you in the past.         +B. Directly after the trail run, or during the trail run, send out a text message telling that someone of whom you were thinking about (someone who is close to you) how much you are thankful for them. Don't be afraid to do this, and look for the emotional high that can accompany an experience like this.         +C. Before bed, read out of the New Testament for 20 minutes. Write about what you read and learned. Email me what you wrote + what section you studied: Or, post on the blog. Thanks.