Remote Experience

Experience Laying in Some Grass

A. Time Trial: At unique location, and even a track, run exactly 3 miles for time. Before you start, say a prayer. Challenge yourself throughout the run to push past of when it starts to hurt; and as always, search for thoughts of gratitude along the way, while getting lost in meditative thought and prayer.         +B. Cool Down: 5 Minute cool down walk + further prayer and meditative thought. Reflect on the experience and look to be appreciative for such an experience.       +C. Find some grass and lay in it for 10-15 minutes. Look to work on your breathing in relation to relaxing while laying in the grass. If the suns out - look to enjoy what it has to offer you as you further search for thoughts of gratitude. Look to appreciate being relaxed, and the accomplishment you must feel after running 3 miles.        +D. Write about the experience in it's entirety and then email me what you wrote: